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Action     Amer Assc Retired Persons     Anacostia
Anacostia Anx     Armed Forces Inaugural Com     Armed Forces Inst Pathology
Arms Control and Disarm Agy     Army Criminal Invest     Bank of America
Blue Cross Group Hosp     Bolling AFB     Bolling Air Force Bas
BRM     Broadcasting Bd of Governors     Bur Medicine Surgery
Bureau Engav and Printing     Bureau Labor Statistics     Bureau Narc and Dngr Drugs
Bureau Narc Dngr Drugs Lab     Bureau of Census     Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Mines     Bureau of Prisons     Bureau of Public Debt
Chevy Chase     Chief Naval Operation     Civil Aeronautics Board
Cnsmr Fnncl Prtct Brd     Comm Equal Oppor Armed Forc     Comm on Civil Rights
Comm Tech Uses Copyrights     Commodity Futures Trade     Comptroller of Currency
Consumer Product Safety Comm     Court of Military Appeals     Defense Intelligence
Department of State     Department State Intrntl Div     Dept Ag Ofc Outside Hq
Dept Agric Off Outside Hq     Dept Agriculture     Dept Air Force Pentagon
Dept Army Pentagon     Dept Commerce     Dept Commerce Outside Hq
Dept Education     Dept Energy     Dept Hlth Human Serv
Dept Homeland Security     Dept Interior     Dept Justice
Dept Labor Manpower Admn     Dept Labor Payroll Audit Div     Dept Labor Stats
Dept Navy Fed Credit Union     Dept Navy Hq Marines Arl     Dept Navy Other Offices
Dept of Agriculture     Dept of Army Pentagon     Dept of Commerce
Dept of Commerce Outside Hq     Dept of Energy     Dept of Homeland Security
Dept of Interior     Dept of Justice     Dept of Labor
Dept of Labor Manpower Admn     Dept Of State     Dept Of State Intrntl Div
Dept of Transportation     Dept Transportation     Dept Treas Check Claims Div
Dept Treas Other Offices     Dept Treasury     Dir National Intelligence
District Director Irs     Dulles International Airp     Equal Emp Opportunity Comm
Export Import Bank     Family Support Administratio     Farm Credit Admin
FBI     FBI Identification Unit     Fed Communications Comm
Fed Emer Mngt Agncy     Fed Labor Relations Auth     Fed Mediation and Concil Ser
Fed Records Center     Federal Election Comm     Federal Energy Reg Comm
Federal Maritime Commission     Federal Reserve Board     Federal Trade Comm
FedEx     FHA Comptroller     Food and Drug Admin
Foreign Claims Settlement     Fort Lesley J McNair     Fort McNair
Friendship Heights     Ft L J McNair     G E I C O
Geico     Gen Services Admin     General Accounting Office
General Delivery     Geological Survey     Gov Printing Office
GPO Field Serv Div     GPO Procurement Div     GPO Supt of Documents
GSA Consumer Products Info     GSA Crystal City     GSA Region 3
GSA Surplus Sales     Gsa Tele Com Serv     GSA-TCS
Hew Food and Drug Admin     Housing and Urban Dev     Housing Assistance Adm
Hud Fed Housing Adm     Immig and Natural Records     Immig and Naturalization Ser
Inter Amer Defense Board     Inter American Dev Bank     Internal Revenue Service
International Joint Comm     International Monetary Fund     International Trade Comm
Jbab     John F Kennedy Center     Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
Joint Staff     Labor Management Admin     Law Enforce Assist Adm
Lib of Congress Licensing     Library of Congress     Library of Congress Card Div
Library of Congress Handicap     Mafic     Marine Barrks
Merit Systems Protection Bd     Military Sealift Command     National Academy of Science
National Credit Union Admin     National Gallery of Art     National Imaging and Mapping
National Mediation Board     National Park Service     National Security Counsel
National Selective Service     Natl Aero and Space Admin     Natl Archives and Records
Natl Capitol Planning     Natl Comm on Social Sec     Natl Institute of Educ
Natl Labor Relations Board     Natl Repub Cong Comm     Natl Trans Safety Board
Naval Anacost Annex     Naval Intelligence Com     Naval Intelligence Support C
Naval Investigative Service     Naval Research Laboratory     Naval Sea Sys
Naval Sea Systems Command     Naval Station Anacostia     Naval Telecommunications Com
Navy Annex     Navy Observatory     Navy Security Group
Navy Yard     Nuclear Regulatory Comm     Office of Mgmt and Budget
Office of Thrift Supervision     Office of Workers Comp     Office Personnel Mgmt
P E P C O     Parcel Return Service     Parcel Return Svc
Passport Office     Peace Corps     Pentagon
Pepco     Philatelic Sales     Philatelic Sales Division
PNC Financial     Postal Rate Comm     Postal Regulatory Comm
Pre Inaugural Committee     Presidential Transition Team     Prs
Readasorus     Resolution Trust Corporation     Resolutn Trust Oversight Brd
Securities and Exchange Comm     Shared Brm     Small Business Admin
Smithsonian Institute     Soc Sec Bureau Hearing App     Social Security
Social Securtiy Admin     Soldiers Airmens Home     State Department
Surface Transportation Board     Tennessee Valley Auth     U S Chamber of Com
U S Trade Representative     Universal Postal Union Congr     Us Bureau of Customs
US Chamber Of Com     US Citizenship Immigration     Us Copyright Office
US Department of Treasury     Us Holocaust Memorial Museum     Us House of Representatives
US Secret Service     US Senate     US Social Securtiy Admin
Us Supreme Court     Us Tax Court     US Trade Representative
Us Treasurer     Verizon     Veterans Admin
Veterans Benefits Office     Vietnam Vet Mem Fund     Wacdhovia
Wachovia     Walter Reed Army Med Center     Wash
Wash Gas     Washing     Washingtn
Washington     Washington Brm     Washington Dc Brm
Washington DC Post Office     Washington Gas     Washington Intel Bur
Washington Na     Washington Navy Yard     Washington Post
White House Ofc of Vice Pres     White House Ofc Staff     Woodward and Lothrop
World Bank